Military Intelligence operates Czech National Satellite Centre

The Czech Republic Satellite Centre (SATCEN CR) was officially opened on 1 July 2018. The final operational capability started, in accordance with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Capability Targets on 1 January 2020. Until December 2019, the main task was to make an active recruitment and training of specialists, technology acquisition and testing process. Currently staff of the SATCEN CR consists of imagery analyst, experts on geospatial information, photogrammetry, geoinformatics and satellite technics. The Ministry of Defence covers the costs of the SATCEN CR establishment.

To ensure the realization of the project there is an increase in the peace establishment (PE) of the existing IMINT experts of the Military Intelligence (VZ). There are about 30 people in particular in analytical positions and in admission positions, processing and exploitation, dissemination and integration of satellite data. They also take part in some infrastructure projects and preparation of a financial project.

There are some tenders currently underway that are supposed to deliver key technologies, support technologies and the key infrastructure for the SATCEN CR.

Nowadays the new draft of the Government Resolution (an extension of Act no.153/1994 about Intelligence services in the Czech Republic) on a permit to share IMINT data and information outside of the existing authorized addressees is being prepared.

The main tasks of SATCEN CR is to provide specific, detailed and accurate information about the location of interest objects and areas. Its outputs support both the Czech Armed Forces and NATO, as well as the Joint Rescue Service and other state institutions. The satellite imagery facilitate the work of military personnel participating in foreign missions when SATCEN CR provides them with important information (terrain, detection of enemy´s forces and resources, etc.).

The military intelligence service mainly acquires satellite imagery from commonly available satellites. According to the required task, the imagery are taken either from the SATCEN CR data archive or directly from the satellite that is programmed accordingly. SATCEN CR utilizes satellites with very high ground, spectral and radiometric resolution. SATCEN CR receives satellite imagery directly from the orbital satellites.

From a technological and informational point of view SATCEN CR is one of the exceptional workplaces in Europe as well as worldwide.