Satellite Center of the Czech Republic (CZE SATCEN) is a modern department founded in 2018 in the structure of Czech Military Intelligence. CZE SATCEN is focused on timely acquisition, analysis and delivery of satellite data and imagery intelligence products. Satellite imagery has become a major source of intelligence for both strategical and tactical decision making and for both military and civilian-industrial applications. Therefore, CZE SATCEN is supporting not only the Military Intelligence, but also the Czech Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defence, Emergency Service and other governmental institutions.


The staff of the Satellite Center consists of a variety of experienced imagery analysts, geospatial specialists, technology experts and support personnel. CZE SATCEN also supports research and development both in-house and throughout national military R&D scheme. Main topics of development are artificial intelligence (AI), own assets for data gathering and modern systems for data processing, analysis and dissemination.