The ethical principles of the Military Intelligence arise from the Code of Ethics of the Military Intelligence, expressing the values and tenets the members follow and voluntarily identify with.


Members of the Military Intelligence

They are proud of their membership in an organization serving the defense and interests of the Czech Republic and its citizens. They respect its values and the need of a trustworthy, honorable, and responsible service to the benefit of the country. They approach their work actively and responsibly, avoiding any possible harm to both the service and the country. They always under all circumstances maintain moral and personal integrity, attempting to eliminate a conflict of interests.

They respect the necessity of keeping access solely to selected information. They realize they cannot freely present their work, lack public recognition, and declare their affiliation with the organization just in certain cases. They ensure that both their colleagues and family are not subject to unnecessary threats emerging from fulfilling their duties.

They respect specific work partially limiting them in their private lives, conduct, decision-making. They act with restraint in public, not taking advantage of professional knowledge and information gained for personal profit, not communicating internal information outside the organization without consent. They are aware of the risk of electronic communications and pay attention not to disclose secret or sensitive information. They remain loyal to the organization even after retiring from service.


Military Intelligence

Creates conditions for utilizing its members´ skills and motivates them to educational and professional growth, appreciates their inventiveness, determination, courage, self-denial, efforts, and positive approach. Military Intelligence respects privacy protection and tries not to enter privacy  more than necessary, all in accordance with the law. It realizes the specifics and risks of work in the organization and undertakes the maximum effort to protect its members and co-workers, whose work is to the benefit of the Czech Republic. Military Intelligence is interested in good relations after the retirement of its officers. It guarantees an impartial assessment of suggestions and complaints.